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.com and .net, Powered by Verisign

Friday, December 27th, 2013

As you may have heard, a huge number of new top-level domains are being launched in the coming year, including .construction, .sexy, and .photos. This may come as welcome news for those of us who have always wanted to own something like “ILoveMy.Camera,” but it is likely to add a lot of confusion for casual Web users. That’s one of the reasons that we recommend .com and .net, powered by Verisign.

.com and .net are two of the oldest top-level domains, each with over 15 years of exposure, so they are easily recognizable by even the most occasional Web users. In addition, every Fortune 500 company and the world’s 100 fastest-growing companies have a .com, so by purchasing a .com for your business, you’re aligning your business with a very credible domain.

Are you ready to buy a domain name that will instill confidence, credibility, and authenticity in your business? Click below to get started now:

Get started with .com and .net, powered by VeriSign

Inbound Marketing Certified Professional

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Netwalker Internet Services owner Nate LaClaire has successfully completed Inbound Marketing University and passed the Inbound Marketing Certification exam, earning him the title of Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.

The Inbound Marketing Certification acknowledges the recipients proficiency in Inbound Marketing principals and best practices. These principles include: blogging, social media, lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis.

In order to receive the Inbound Marketing Certification, the recipient must pass a comprehensive certification exam with a score of 75% or higher.

This certification is administered by HubSpot.

Contact Nate today to learn how inbound marketing can help your business or non-profit get found by qualified prospects.

Toll-free number

Friday, April 11th, 2008

As promised, we now have a new toll-free telephone number:
(866) 738-8511

Thank you for your patience as we make the change in telephone service.

New Phone Number

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Dear Customer:

Netwalker Internet Services is changing our phone number, effective immediately. The (207) 998-8179 and old toll-free number will no longer work.

Our new phone number is:
(207) 514-7830

Please update your address book immediately. We have changed from a local telephone service provider to the Vonage voice-over-Internet-protocol service, which means that other Vonage customers may now call us toll-free from their Vonage lines. We will soon be adding a standard toll-free number (for non-Vonage customers) and will notify you of the new toll-free number once it is available.

Thank you for your business.

God bless,
Nate LaClaire, Owner

Antispam Add-On Service for Web Hosting Customers

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

I am excited to announce that we now offer a free Antispam add-on for our web hosting customers! This new service is powered by Interjuncture’s Easy Antispam service and covers all email accounts on any domain for which the service has been enabled. The service is absolutely free, but is only available for web hosting customers. If you are an existing web hosting customer and would like to have the service enabled on your domain(s), please contact us today! Please note that this service is not available for customers with catch-all email accounts. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure if this applies to you or if you know you have a catch-all but are unsure if you need it.

Below is additional information regarding this new service.

Easy Antispam blocks spam at two levels.

First, we block mail using realtime blackhole lists (RBLs). These messages are blocked at the transmission level and are never fully received, so they cannot be quarantined.

Second, we pass mail through the MIQ Antispam/Antivirus engine. If it is blocked as a virus, it is deleted and not quarantined. If it is blocked as spam, it is placed into quarantine for 3 days.

Once per day each email user will receive a Quarantine Digest email containing any new mail that was placed in quarantine since the last digest. If there were no messages quarantined, a digest will not be received. The user can view the message, release the message to their Inbox, or release and report the message as “not spam” to the MailFoundry antispam team for further review.

Users may also access their quarantines on-demand via a web interface or via RSS.

The various message classifications used by Easy Antispam are:

Ham – All mail considered clean by the system. The stuff you want.

Spam – (aka UCE) Unsolicited mail.

Virus – Message that contain a virus.

RBL – A message from a server that is listed on the Remote Block List.

RPDNS – (Reverse Path DNS) Mail from a domain that does not have the appropriate Mail eXchange or A records in DNS to send a response back to.

RFC – Messages that are blocked due to improper formatting of the message.

RP Sanity – A message that is blocked due to the sending server having an invalid DNS record such as (aka localhost).

Size Ext – Messages that are blocked by the specified Size limits.